BWT 6 Cell Single Point Watering Golf Valves

Centurion GOLF VALVES 

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The innovative clip-in valves make installation of pre-strung systems fast and easy. Water flows through a single connection reducing labor costs by accurately filling each battery set in less than 30 seconds! 

The water level indicator is located on every valve to visually indicate whether water is needed and to ensure that every cell is being watered properly. 

The golf valves have a spark arrestor making it the safest watering system available. It eliminates acid and gas exposure while filling the batteries. 

The Centurion golf valves work on every battery, every configuration. 

*The valves must be filled using an approved water delivery item.

Please refer to the Golf Valve Guide to determine which valve is needed for your specific application.

You must ORDER the correct end for your Single Point watering system.