Battery Emergency Stand - BES

Battery Emergency Stand - BES

The BHS Battery Emergency Stand (BES) is a portable stand with modular 
design that allows you to add an array of safety product to meet the demands 
of your facility. Designed for easy accessibility, the BES allows you to 
organize critical safety supplies at one location

BES-1 Complete Emergency Stand

The Battery Emergency Station (BES-1) includes the Battery Emergency 
Stand (BES) complete with accessories including Portable Eye Wash 
(PEW-700), Protective Kit (PK-1200), and Spill Kit Cabinet (SK-CAB). 
The BHS Battery Emergency Station is designed for easy accessibility, 
combining critical safety supplies into a single unit. The BES-1 comes 
complete with all accessories shown, but due to its modular design, 
you can remove options to meet the unique demands of your facility.
Note: A minimum of four 3/8” (9 mm) anchors (included) are required 
to secure unit to the floor.

Features and Benefits

• Offers complete, convenient protection for 
employees dealing with battery acid spills
• Built-in durability and reliabillity makes the 
system ideal for industrial applications
• Assists in OSHA and ANSI compliance
• Great for park and change applications