Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Several Options Available! 

F2-T for handheld power equipment.

F4-T for small fuel tanks less than 6 Gallons

F5-T for High Performance PowerSport Engines

F5-TS for High Performance PowerSport with small opening to tank.

FFB-08 is a money saver option. 8 Pack of F4-T's

call for options available for Automobile applications.  888-737-3647


The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst reformulates gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and propane causing the reformulated fuels to produce more energy during combustion than these fuels otherwise would. It is a true catalyst which by definition causes one or more chemical reactions but does not participate in them. Because it doesn't participate in the reaction, unlike additives, it is not consumed in the reaction and thus lasts for years after initial installation. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst also has no moving parts and is thus maintenance free.

Because the Fitch Fuel Catalyst causes more complete combustion it also reduces pollution and toxic emissions in the form of greenhouse gases, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, particulates and soot. When combustion is complete and 100% of the potential energy is extracted from the fuel the byproducts of combustion are carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and nitrogen (N). Toxic emissions such as greenhouse gases are a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Because the Fitch Fuel Catalyst causes more complete combustion these toxic emissions are reduced by a commensurate amount. For instance, if 10% less fuel is needed to do the same amount of work, toxic emissions are reduced by 10%.